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Brando's Island "Autism Vision" 7" (Million Dollar Records)


From Urban Kill/FRR:

Two tracks from the same minds and label that brought you that wonderful Zingers LP in 2013, which was one of the most ambitious records of the last few years. Polarizing, too, so I’d like to assure those who were confounded by it that they’ll have an easier time processing this new project. You’re even treated to a vibraphone - or the instrument of unity, as I call it. Add: one synth, one drum kit - no guitar. Brando’s Island try to contain their avant leanings within relatively safe boundaries, though not enough to prevent the sense of unease that bubbles up from underneath. The highlight here is the absurdly jovial punk/funk of “Auto Warfare”, working like an infomercial for recliner-based weapons systems (“you don’t have to get out of your seat!”); a world where televised sports and media aren’t enough to satiate an underlying bloodlust; but with an energy for head-on confrontation siphoned from society. “Autism Vision” is a shade darker, or at least overtly; what follows is a scattershot narrative, or perhaps me not parsing the lyrics adequately. But all gives way to a dialogue of self-doubt, triggering a forbidding, buzzing synth (while menaced further by even more vibraphone!). A great deal of ideas packed into two songs. Like all modern Australian bands (recently deemed the country to watch by Mark Ronson), the Brando’s Island team have an impressive pedigree: Pathetic Human, Flat Fix, Chrome Dome, Velvet Whip and the aforementioned Zingers. Something tells me this crew could produce some truly inspired experimental pop in the years to come. Snatch this one up so hopefully Million Dollar Records and their associates get the message and churn these out at a faster clip.