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Drunk Elk - In the Tuscan Sun 7" (I Dischi del Barone)

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Every new Drunk Elk release is a cause for celebration. Easily of the best bands of going, we've long championed the cause of this trio's mastery of unsettling pastoral pop. Few bands can craft songs that are as incredibly intimate as they are irrevocably isolated and this new single, courtesy of Sweden’s I Dischi del Barone label, gives us two tracks that may be their best yet. Long time devotees with swoon over Dave’s anxious restraint on both sides. He delivers his vocals in an urgent yet soulful (dare I say, "sultry") whisper. On the A side, Ben and Simon’s muted guitar and bass lines provide a skeletal, steadily poignant rhythm. The flip, with the addition of a keyboard, is a notably icier affair. Late night loner vibes for bleak winter nights. Utterly perfect in every way. Comes with an 8 page booklet featuring the first chapter from Dave Elk's story "The Land Over the Ocean ."

Edition of 200

Only copies in North America right here.