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Lakes "Crossed With Leaves" 7"


Lakes is Sean’s bleak punk, dark folk creature. There is no mistaking the Lakes signature sound, but those who have been following Lakes' development over the course of 12 releases can attest that Sean has methodically built on to the gothic Lakes skeleton heard on the earliest releases to where we last heard from him on last year’s Winter’s Blade LP where the Lakes monster was given quite a bit of muscle in large part to a tweak in the recording process. This single picks up where Winter’s Blade left off with perhaps with an extra level of heavy and gloom applied to the structure.

From 200LB Underground (Tony Rettman):
As I get older and my ears grow hair, I feel myself regressing more and more back to a very fond love for the seven inch format. If you asked me if I wanted to have such an abrupt listening experience sometime in the 90’s, I would have coughed a cloud of dope smoke in your face and continued trancing out to a nine hour No Neck Blues Band jam. But nowadays, I want something concise and affective in-between my bowl of All-Bran and a bike ride. So, I wonder if I am so enamored by this new Lakes single due to its length (ew-er!) or its actual qualitative nature. I’d like to think it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. I scored a copy of the Lakes LP Winters’ Blade in the summer of last year and it didn’t really pump my organ. This little beauty though sounds like one of the finest gloomer discs to trod wax stained floors since Sir Chamberweed himself donned a Merciful Release t-shirt. Seriously. Don’t be afraid to swoop. – TR