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Regler #9 (Blues) LP (At War with False Noise)


With Regel 9, Mattin (Billy Bao, etc) and Anders Bryngelsson from (Brainbombs, etc) present their take on the Blues. And it’s as heavy and brooding a take on the Blues as you’re going to hear. It’s also their most, ummm, engaging offering to date. You’ll catch yourself bobbing your head through most of it, even if you have a snarl on your face and your fists are clenched. It lurches with menacing lethargy across two sides of slow burn tension. The record provides an nice soundtrack to that moment when time slows to halt at the moment before catastrophe. A clarifying moment when it’s clear it was going to happen and you should have known.... That’s the blues.

Released in an edition of 250 from Scottish label At War with False Noise. Only a few copies here for the States.