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Sacred Product "Wastex" 2x7"

$13.00 / Sold Out

We are thrilled to announce that “Wastex” the new EP from Sacred Product is now available for purchase in the superior but unfairly maligned double 7” format. For those not in the know, Sacred Product is the solo workings of Lynton Denovan whom you may know was the main instigator of the Satanic Rockers (that “was” was hard to type). So what should the Satanic Rockers fan expect from Sacred Product? Nefarious joy and impious happiness, of course! Gloomy doom pop, a guitar workout that follows Jane into Occupied Europe, a mass transit travelogue haunted by the Instant Automatons, and some old fashioned, crispy Satanic grooves. Old habits die hard.

From Terminal Boredom:
Now that Satanic Rockers have been put to bed once and for all (goodnight, sweet princes...), head Rocker Lynton Donovan carries on under the Sacred Product banner. Sonic similarities exist between the two, but Sacred Product is a sleeker and perhaps more devilishly clever means of delivery. "Wastex" is a spectacular song to start with, conveying a deep Swell Maps-like subterranean space (think of instrumentals like "Big Maz..." or "...Frogman") populated with prickly guitar parts that spring up and tangle themselves into the rhythm before phasing off. Lynton's vocals still have that strange and slightly off double-tracked effect that gives them a slurred/slowed echo that enhances the song's trance-inducing capabilities. "Sonic Country" is an oldie from 2001 (the other tunes all come from 2012), a great marching instrumental with a wobbly bassline and guitar scraping creating a tidy little mess. "Tram and Train" is the closet to Satanic Rockers (without being coated in glue) with extra vocal trickery and UK-DIY-influenced motion sickness. "Ride Back" continues the travelling with a stop-start riff and unnervingly catchy beat. The whole second disc is a train ride to gloom town and back. A superb and creative EP that makes good use of the double 7" format (whodathunk that was possible?) that I highly recommend. I don't like to make Swell Maps references but this one certainly makes me think about their moodier 'Sweep the Desert' type stuff. Aussie-DIY via NZ, with everything recorded and played by Lynton making it even more impressive.